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08 - 28/06/2015


A walk, a cycling trip, a bus tour, a bonfire – Malta Generator artists will make us see these everyday activities in a surprising new light. Anna Jochymek and several performance artists will take their audience on a trip to the ul. Kacza bus depot (Monument of a Normal Man). Those willing to take the trip will spend 20 minutes in a vehicle which will be gradually silenced.

Places we pass everyday will be discovered anew with Walk-alogy which will set out on Friday from Placu Wolności. This workshop in conscious strolling will be taught by Izabela Sitarska and Adrian Szwarc.
On Saturday Plac Wolności will welcome the inhabitants of Kasztelania Ostrowska, which is an area around Ostrów Lednicki famous for its natural beauty and history reaching back to Mieszko I and Bolesław Chrobry. As a part of her project entitled 135 km, the performance artist Ela Jabłońska decided to invite the inhabitants of this area for a whole day trip to Malta Festival Poznań.

Yesterday we conquered the first summit of The crown of Poznan – the Nobel Tower. All urban alpinists can go to our facebook for more details. A gallery of Transitional Images by Professor Piotr C. Kowalski will be on display during the course of the whole festival on Poznań Główny train station, at Ikar hotel, and from 23 June also on Ławica Airport. We are also especially looking forward to the bicycle ride around inaccessible and undiscovered regions of urban mural art (The artists of tomorrow will go underground), which will be organised by Patryk Rubin and Dima Mykytenko!

 To sign up for for free to The artists of tomorrow will go underground and 135 km go to zapisy@malta-festival.pl.