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08 - 28/06/2015

Photo: M. Zakrzewski
GalleryPhoto: M. Zakrzewski

Marcin Masecki, a musician of the Polish independent scene, a pianist, a composer, a conductor, a winner of the prestigious Paszport „Polityki” award, will perform the last sonatas of Beethoven wearing earplugs and special sound muffling headphones. ‘When Beethoven was writing his last piano sonatas, he had been completely deaf for several years. It had a concrete influence on his composing process. (...) Paradoxically it allowed him to create incredibly original and strongly abstract forms, which almost transgress traditional perceptive capacities’, explains Masecki. Will such an interpretation of Ludwig van Beethoven’s music allow us to understand it better? How did Bethoveen himself “hear” his own music? Can we attempt to take his perspective? The concert Beethoven – last piano sonatas will take place at 17h00 on Archeological Museum Courtyard. Entrance free.