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08 - 28/06/2015


This year the Generator artists are mostly intrigued with what is happening on the periphery, in-between the urban spaces known to the Malta audience. The performance projects will be small-scale, sometimes even private events. The invited artists - Ela Jabłońska, Anna Jochymek, Piotr C. Kowalski, Karolina Kubik, Dima Mykytenko, Yaroslav Futymskyi - will search for new order in well-known places and familiar activities presented to the audience in new, surprising contexts.

You can pick up your free pass which allows you to conquer the peaks of the highest, usually inaccessible buildings of Poznań (The Crown of Poznań), sign up to a free of charge bicycle city scouting of the artistic underground (The artists of tomorrow will go underground),or take part in the performative events: a trip to the bus depot (Monument of a normal person), an urban bonfire (Cold Comfort),or an extraordinary walk (Workshop on walks). Please sign up at zapisy@malta-festival.pl.

You can also get your free pass to the performance of Obsession by Remus Theatre (9 June at 18.30, Klub Krąg). You can collect it at the City Information Centre Ratajczaka Street and in Klub Krąg.


Please be informed that the multiple entry passes for the festival have been sold out. The PLN15 single tickets for all the New World Order idiom events, international festival coproductions, the Stary Browar New Danceandthe Poznań on Malta performancesare still available. Passes can be obtained at www.malta-festival.pl and www.eBilet.pl points of sale (e.g. CIM and Empik).

The second batch of tickets for the opera The Magic Mountain and the film Utopia according to Living Theatre will be available from 8 June,10h00. You can collect the passes at the City Information Centre Ratajczaka Street 44. Persons from outside of Poznań can book tickets via bilety@malta festival.pl from 8 June, 10h00. Due to the big demand for the free of charge passes for The Magic Mountain one person is entitled to pick up only one pass for this play. Passes for The Magic Mountain booked via e-mail may be collected from 8 June until 16h00 on the day of the performance at the Malta Festival Poznań information point on Plac Wolności.