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08 - 28/06/2015

photo Marcin Oliva Soto
Galleryphoto Marcin Oliva Soto

At October 7th at the Theatre Institute Z. Raszewski in Warsaw will hold a meeting on the themes of religious censorship in Poland. The starting point for discussion will be the events that took place around the spectacle of Golgotha Picnic dir. Rodrigo Garcia during the Malta Festival Poznań 2014. Interview with the participation of Edwin Bendyk, Father. Andrew Draguły, Hanna Wróblewska and Eve Majewska preceded by the spectacle Women's Choir Magnificat. The meeting will also premiere the book "GOLGOTA POLISH PICNIC. Art - religion - democracy" edited by Agata Adamiecki-Sitek and Iwona Kurz (Editors: Theatre Institute to them. Zbigniew Raszewski, Publisher of Political Critique).

This report is a collection of letters, statements, and comments, and it describes the actions undertaken by all sides of the conflict. It identifies the main subjects of the events: the protesters, bishops and politicians, the police, Malta Festival Poznań and the art community. It also presents the scale and types of action they undertook.
The report also contains two analyses: one by Wojciech Brzozowski, who discusses the events from a legal perspective, and another by Wiesław Godzic, who analyses the media coverage of the events surrounding "Golgota Picnic".