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08 - 28/06/2015


“At the beginning of the 1990s people took to the streets of Poznań to take part in an international cultural event. Streets became a space of joy, of positive emotions, and not as it had been before, a place for expressing dissent, for strikes and protests. A girl in the film shouts out, “The joy of life, the joy of what you feel, and not what you are told to feel!”. This is how Aneta Kopacz sees Malta’s beginnings. The premiere of Europe and beyond - 25 years of Malta festival, a film by a documentarist and an Oscar nominee Aneta Kopacz, will open the anniversary edition of Malta Festival Poznań next week.

Poznanians will be the first ones to see the film on 8 June at 21.30 on Plac Wolności as a part of the inauguration of the three week activity of Malta Generator. The documentary will be also aired on the same day at 22.00 on TVP2, which produced the film in collaboration with TVP Poznań. With the inauguration of the festival in full swing, Night Runners, will set out from Plac Wolności for their night run, the neon lightentitled Never Sleep designed by Tim Etchells, the curator of the New World Order idiom, will be lit up for the first time by the entrance to Stara Rzeźnia. Never sleep will be exactly what Malta-goers will be doing thanks to the first of many Silent Discos on Plac Wolności, which will last until dawn.

8 June will also see the world premiere of There Might Be Others, a play directed by Rebecca Lazier, which will inaugurate the Stary Browar New Dance programme on Malta, which for the first time this year will last three weeks.