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08 - 28/06/2015

Photo Marcin Oliva Soto
GalleryPhoto Marcin Oliva Soto

Next Sunday at 18h00 we will get the chance to hear songs chosen by the inhabitants of the Poznań quarter of Łazarz arranged by Rebeka’s Iwona Skwarek performed in the community garden located on the square by ul. Klaudyny Potockiej. She and Bartosz Szczęsny from the duo Rebeka, which has been dubbed the hope of Polish electronic music. Their debut album Hellada has been awarded Album of the Year 2013 by Gazeta Wyborcza. They have since performed on Malta Festival Poznań (as the energetic support of Damon Albarn), Open'er Festival in Gdynia and many foreign musical festivals including Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona.

The electro-pop trio Small Mechanics will perform on Thursday 23 July at 19h00 in Ogród Wilda. The band features Dawid Kałuski (known from Vavamuffin), Karol Wróblewski (vocals in the legendary band Collage) and Tymoteusz Miłowanow (the guitarist of The Cookies). Small Mechanics experiment, joggle musical genres and explore the world of machines [listen to the song Gęstnieją jesienie].

Zimowa is a band from Wodzisław Śląski with Aneta Maciaszczyk on vocals, Michał Mentel on instruments, Michał Husak on guitars and Jakub Buczek on bass/sampler. They will play on Sunday 26 July at 19h00 in Kiosk na Jeżycach. Their music is a combination of cool, multi-dimensional electronics, with dirty guitars wrapped in a slightly unreal form which roots back to the sound of late 1980s and early 1990s. Listen to Zimowa playing on OFFsession transmitted live from Agnieszka Osiecka studio on Polish Radio Three.

Admission to all concerts is free of charge!