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08 - 28/06/2015


Is revolution still possible? Is history true or fictitious? This weekend on Malta Festival Poznań will be ruled by rebellion.

In Landscape with skiproads (Friday at 17h00 and Saturday at 19h30, Pawilon Nowa Gazownia) by Pieter de Duysser the main role is played by witnesses of breakthrough historical events – Adam Smith’s glove, the last bottle emptied by Boris Yetlsin, the stomach of Thomas Aquinas or Walt Disney’s favorite knife. 

City of cast lead – this is how Winter Family perceives the emotionally terrorized city of Jerusalem. The group from Israel presents a society living in fear for their own safety, brooding on its painful past and trying to construct its present identity. Jerusalem Cast Lead (Saturday at 17h30 and Sunday at 18h00, CK Zamek) combines documentary theatre, choreography and installation. It was created by Winter Family from photographs and audio materials documenting state ceremonies celebrated in Israel. 

In Trilogy (Sunday at 19h30, Teatr Ósmego Dnia) Rabih Mroué will create a multimedia commentary to the ongoing revolution in Syria. He audaciously mixes pieces of reality, such as video reports from the Syrian revolution, with fiction.
Tickets to Landscape with skiproads, Jerusalem Cast Lead and Trilogy are still available for 15 PLN on www.malta-festival.pl and eBilet.pl stationary points of sale (e.g. CIM and Empik).