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08 - 28/06/2015


Malta Festival Poznań is among the twelve international festivals presented on the platform of the Google Cultural Institute at the exhibition EFFE Awards 2015-2016 12 Trendsetting Festivals from across Europe.

The exhibition presents photos and videos of the festivals of performing arts and visual, which received EFFE 2015-2016 Award for the most innovative European festivals as part of the European Commission and the European Festivals Association.

"Cooperation between the Google Cultural Institute and the European Association of Festivals is a wonderful opportunity to showcase some festivals to a wider audience and to create a platform for festivals and other cultural institutions, enabling them to present their achievements in the world" - says theater and opera director and curator of the exhibition, Tom Creed .

In parallel exhibition opened Festivals: the Heart of Europe and the launch of a Google Cultural Institute - Performing Arts, which is the first platform that enables viewing of cultural events in the panoramic image, with the ability to navigate 360 ​​degrees. The project includes more than 60 major scenes of art from 20 countries and more than 150 interactive collection containing a total of 8,000 photographs, videos and other documents. Google Cultural Institute exhibition is currently on display 17 partners from Polish.