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08 - 28/06/2015


On Tuesday 22nd September at 20.00 at the National Philharmonic composer and pianist Marcin Masecki will perform the last three piano sonatas of Beethoven with plugs in his ears and in special soundproof headphones.

Warsaw premiere of the project will be preceded by an evening at the new headquarters of the National Audiovisual Institute. September 19th at 18.00 will be a meeting with Marcin Masecki, recording concert Scarlatti of 2013. And a document of Die Kunst der Fuge - registration of an experimental concert pianist, which took place at the Nostalgia Festival Poznań in 2011, Interspersed with statements artist about his original approach to the famous series of fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The concert in the Philharmonic will be a symbolic culmination of the summer season Warsaw Parade Square project and the beginning of shares #WszyscyIdziemyDoFilharmonii, popularizing participation of residents of the capital in the cultural life of the city. Recommended!