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08 - 28/06/2015


PKO Poznań Marathon have been gathering people with big passion for running for the last 16 years. The runners are decorated with a medal, which brings back some local history events to memory. This year the medal honours the 25th jubilee of a festival that is as magical as the marathon – Malta Festival.

For the last 25 years Malta Festival has been hosting world famous musicians, well known philosophers, sociologists and literary scholars. For a duration of the festival, Poznań turns into a stage, where theatres from all over the world do their shows. Low key performances, big spectacles and theatrical experiments take place day and night, showing different cultures and traditions to the viewers. Even market places and park squares become a stage for alternative forms of acting and creation engaging passers by to take part in those performances. The festival follows the latest trends in theatre performance and is one of the most important summer cultural events in Poland and Eastern Europe.

As Malta Festival successfully connects different people (amateurs & professionals, the youngsters & the elderly, locals & tourists), PKO Poznań Marathon connects runners with different backgrounds. As Malta Festival spawns creativity in the city, PKO Poznań Marathon awakes passion for sport in people. Both events ooze enthusiasm, energy and integrity and make the attendees show off their best qualities. None of them would be so spectacular without fantastic spectators. Having so much in common, a decision to honour Malta Festival’s jubilee by incorporating its logo into the marathon medal is self-explanatory.