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08 - 28/06/2015

Photo: M. Zakrzewski
GalleryPhoto: M. Zakrzewski

Last night with Michael Nyman Band was magical. During the birthday concert celebrating 25 years of Malta Festival we awarded five “Malta Neons” to people who we particularly value for their input in the festival’s development. In this way we continue a tradition started in 2010 when we awarded 20 Malta Masks. This year Malta Neons were awarded to: Hugo de Greef, Anna Hryniewiecka, Jacek Żakowski, Jola Starzak and Dawid Strebicki, as well as Grzegorz Głębocki. A special prize was awarded to you – the Malta audience. For 25 editions, the 2 million-strong Malta Audience participated, discussed and inspired changes to the festival. The new Malta formula means that we can meet all year long. Thank you and we want even more of you on Malta! 

Hugo de Greef
for being an international mentor of the festival

Poznań’s Malta is quite a significant state on the map of European cultural institutions. Hugo de Greef, thank you for being our guide and friend abroad!

Anna Hryniewiecka
for a Malta soul, since forever

We are happy that Malta has such a friend! Ania Hryniewiecka was a part of our team for 6 years and later she has opened the gates of CK Zamek for us many times. She is the festival’s kindred spirit and she reaches out every time Malta needs support.

Jacek Żakowski
for marrying water and fire during the debate on Golgota Picnic

He was there with us in the most difficult situation of the last five years. The discussion around Golgota Picnic has shaken Poland, but Jacek Żakowski during a four hour debate on Plac Wolności was able to create a space for a constructive exchange of all points of view.

Malta audience
for enthusiasm, passion, presence and co-creation of Malta throughout the years

Malta is first and foremost you! For 25 editions, over 2 million of you have participated, discussed and inspired changes to the festival.The new Malta formula means that we can meet all year long. Thank you and we want even more of you on Malta!

Jola Starzak and Dawid Strebicki
for a new quality in Malta’s spatial order

We are proud to call the space they designed two years ago the new urban order. We want to recognise Jola Starzak and Dawid Strebicki for their fresh aesthetic and for following people’s needs in designing Generator Malta. Thank you for your openness and energy, which you bring in to team Malta!

Grzegorz Głębocki
for what you can’t see on Malta

He has constructed 25 editions of Malta festival – there is nothing he can’t do in matters of technics and production. Thanks to Grzegorz Głębocki and all those you can’t see on Malta, the festival is going strong, without fault.