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08 - 28/06/2015

photo Maciej Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto Maciej Zakrzewski

Tim Etchells explained the message of the neon light, which will illuminate the entrance to the Old Slaughterhouse from 22.00 to 4.00 throughout the festival, to Roman Pawłowski in an interview he gave to Gazeta Wyborcza: The space of our lives is more and more determined by capital and commerce (…) The distance between life, culture and capital is constantly growing smaller, these spheres are more and more interconnected with each other. I’ve always felt that the language we speak, the meanings we have belong to someone else. In the corner of the room there was always a TV which oozed indoctrination. Today we have millions of communications and narrations. A basic question: how can we keep the capacity for critical conversation about the world, if the earth we stand on and the air we breathe are contaminated with it all? I am not saying that there is an impending catastrophe ahead, but I feel the need to ask how we can keep critical distance from it all. Do we still have the option of criticising the machine we live in.