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08 - 28/06/2015

© 2014, Birgit Püve/Arvo Pärt Centre
Gallery© 2014, Birgit Püve/Arvo Pärt Centre

Arvo Pärt’s music is often used by art film and Hollywood directors, including Gus Van Sant, Tom Tykwer, François Ozon, Paolo Sorrentino and Robert De Niro. On Arvo Pärt’s eightieth birthday, on 11 September, we will run a show of documentary and feature films featuring the maestro’s music, at 5.30 p.m. at the Malta Foundation.

The film marathon will be a foretaste of the eighth Nostalgia Festival Poznań which will be held from 22 to 24 October, and will be dedicated entirely to the oeuvre of the Estonian composer.

Nominated for an Academy Award, War Photographer, directed by Christian Frei, is a documentary about James Nachtwey, a famous war photographer and winner of numerous awards, including the World Press Photo award. The music for the film was composed by Arvo Pärt, and also by Eleni Karaindrou, who is known to the Nostalgia audience, and by David Darling. The music was produced by Manfred Eicher, the legendary founder of ECM, a record label that is close in spirit to the Nostalgia Festival, and has published the works of Arvo Pärt and of many other artists who have performed at the festival’s subsequent editions.

The screening of War Photographer will be preceded by a concert recording and a documentary about Arvo Pärt. In 1998, the composer visited Poznań, and this was recorded by Mariusz Grzegorzek. So far, this is the only Polish film about Arvo Pärt. During this nostalgic marathon, we will see recordings of two concerts during which Pärt’s works, including Miserere and Tabula Rasa, were interpreted in Poznań by the Bornus Consort Ensemble and Orkiestra Młodej Filharmonii, as well as a choir and soloists conducted by Marcin Sompoliński. We will also see a portrait of Arvo Pärt made up of twenty-four important moments in the composer’s life and some of his major works in Dorian Supin’s 24 Preludes for a Fugue.