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08 - 28/06/2015

A few days ago we informed that the multiple entry tickets had been sold out. We are delighted that they were so popular and after receiving many enquiries from the Malta audience about the possibility of buying multiple entry tickets, we have decided to issue an extra pool. The new multiple entry ticket will cost PLN 60 and it will grant entry to five events chosen from the New World Order programme and the House On Fire program.

Moreover, a holder of such a ticket is entitled to collect one pass for the opera The Magic Mountain, the concert/installation Doctor Faustus, the play Summit_2.0 as well as all the Malta Generator events which require a pass. The multiple entry tickets are available at www.malta-festival.pl and and eBilet.pl

As of today you can pick up your free-of-charge pass for Cold Comfort, Monument of a Normal Man, Walk-alogy. Workshop in modern art, and Pozterdam/Amzna at the City Information Centre ul. Ratajczaka 44.

The pool of multiple entry passes, tickets and free-of-charge passes is limited and they will be distributed on the first come-first-served basis.