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08 - 28/06/2015

Photo: Wojtek Wojtkielewicz / Instytut Książki
GalleryPhoto: Wojtek Wojtkielewicz / Instytut Książki

At 16h30 we will talk about the literature of the future and the future in literature. The meeting Literery games with the future will take place on Plac Wolności and it will be attended by Olga Tokarczuk, Małgorzata Łukasiewicz, Przemysław Czapliński and Jacek Dehnel. Thomas Mann confronted tradition and modernity, decadence and fascination with the new, he conquered the past by looking into the future. What is the vision of the future presented to us by literature toady? Does it offer any alternative to the world in which there is a prevailing belief in the inevitability of a catastrophe?