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08 - 28/06/2015

Photo: M. Zakrzewski
GalleryPhoto: M. Zakrzewski

The group Schwalbe, one of the discoveries of Dutch theatre in recent years, will perform at Malta Festival Poznań at this coming weekend. 80 people – professional performers as well as the inhabitants of Poznań who decided to join the project – are participating in Schwalbe is looking for crowds. During the performance, we will be surrounded by a crowd, which on the one hand, attracts and fascinates, but, on the other, is associated with a threat. The performance was selected by Tim Etchells to the programme of the Idiom New World Order. This is Schwalbe’s first visit in Poland. The performance Schwalbe is looking for crowds will be shown on Saturday, 20 June at 20h00 and on Sunday, 21 June at 18h00 in Stara Rzeźnia in Poznań.

The inhabitants of Poznań will also play main parts in Rimini Protokoll’s remarkable shows Home Visit Europe. In private flats by a big table a special kind of game for fifteen people takes place every day until Sunday, 21 June. The next editions of the project will be held in Jeżyce and Śródmieście in Poznań [see pictures from the show’s rehearsal in Poznań].

Tickets at a price of 15 zł are still available. On Sunday, 21 June at 17h00 a special, additional performance of Home Visit Europe will be held in English. Tickets at a price of 15 zł can be bought at www.malta-festival.pl and in eBilet.pl regular points of ticket sale (for example in CIM and Empik).