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08 - 28/06/2015


From Gorbachev and G. H. W. Bush ushering in the post-Soviet era, to the First and Second World Wars, 9/11, the War on Terror, the rise of Jihadism on the global stage, as well as the upheavals and subsequent retrenchments of the Arab Spring New World Order as seen by Tim Etchells, the curator of this year’s Idiom, has a political and economic dimension. But Etchells also offers a reflection on the world order from a philosophical perspective, as he raises the question of an individual role each of us can play in the creation of the world order. So what kind of New World Order will emerge from this year’s Malta Festival Poznań?

Global, far-away

Vlatka Horvat will make Poznań the venue of the fifteenth and, as the title suggests, “extraordinary” congress of the Yugoslavian socialist party. It will be attended by female emigrants from the countries of former Yugoslavia. In reality there were fourteen congresses. The fictional fifteenth congress (25th June, 17h00) will be made up from the women’s personal untold stories. The situation in the Middle East will be referenced by Rabih Mroué (Trilogy, 28th June, 19h30) who will weave his report from the four years of Syrian revolution by the means of his lecture-performance, film and photographic montage. Another perspective will be shared by the Israeli-French group called Winter Family which talks and sings about the “emotional terror” of the state of origin of Ruth Rosenthal, the founder of the group (27th June, 17h30 and 28th June, 18h00).

Emotional, close by

The play of the Dutch group Schwalbe (20th June, 20h00 and 21st June, 18h00) will involve almost a hundred people. A crowd may be a source of a feeling of safety, but on the other hand, it gives rise to fear. Schwalbe will allow you to confront your need of being among others, and the fear of surrendering to the majority. Vlatka Horvat in her second performance in Poznań (This Here and That There, 27th June, 10h00), will put us in a completely different situation. The subtle, eight-hour choreography, the backdrop of which will be the water reservoir located in the rose garden of Cytadela Park, will put us in the state of contemplation and reflection over social and spatial order, which undergoes constant destruction, only to be recreated anew.


Will we all live in one gigantic city, will most people become serial killers, or maybe only five will survive and they will share one common house? Tomorrow's Parties (20th June, 18h00 and 21st June, 20h00) takes an intimate, ironic look at the possible and impossible future. The play is a production of the group Forced Entertainment, the artistic director of which is Tim Etchells. While Deborah Paerson, a young director and performer, will try to describe her own future life. Her play The Future Show (22nd June, 20h00 and 23rd June 18h00) is a story about dreams, plans and expectations which motivate us to act, but which may also be a source of disillusionment and fears.

The Flemish artist Pieter De Buysser, on the other hand, will go back into the past to find the future. In his play Landscape with skiproads (26 th June, 17h00 and 27th June, 19h30) he will gather objects – silent witnesses of history. The collection will include the glove of Adam Smith, the last bottle emptied by Boris Yeltsin, the stomach of Thomas Aquinas, or Walt Disney’s favourite knife.

Communications, news, information - this is the new order, which we experience constantly everyday. If a window would open (23rd June, 20h00 and 24th June, 18h00) is a play by Tiago Rodrigues which he made with the Portuguese group Mundo Perfeito. Through a montage of television news reports the artists ask about the influence of the media on emotions and the understanding of the world.

The Idiom program also includes the neon light by Tim Etchells entitled Never Sleep, along with a programme of films about the future and conversations on the Forum.