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08 - 28/06/2015


On Saturday, 6th of June at 12.00 in front of the monument of Adam Mickiewicz University in Vilnius and six cities in Poland there will be a public reading of the My Muscovite Friends. Adam Mickiewicz Institute invited to public reading DZIADY cz. III (Forefathers III): journalists, columnists, academics, local activists - independent public opinion leaders. In Poznan, the My Muscovite Friends have read Izabella Cywińska which for health reasons will not be able to join in the action. At the invitation of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute poem will be read by Michael Merczyński, director of the Malta Festival Poznań.

In other cities poem read: Adam Michnik (Warsaw), Piotr Mucharski (Cracow), prof. Inga Iwasiów (Szczecin), prof. Stanislaw Nicieja (Opole), Romuald photograph by the Polish and Lithuanian Birute Jonuskaite (Vilnius), Galyna Szyjan writer and translator (Lviv).