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08 - 28/06/2015

press release
Gallerypress release

We are looking for amateurs and enthusiasts of the theater in ages from 14 to 100 years old who create crowd in the performance of the Dutch group Schwalbe. The seven-team consists of graduates of the art of mime in Amsterdam College for the Arts. As they say: "Do not joined by a common vision of the theater, but the need for collective action".

During the Malta Festival Poznań 2015 artists will show spectacle Schwalbe is looking for the crowds.
The crowd, which will create Schwalbe for Malta Festival Poznań, a team comprising 100 people composed of both professional theater members and volunteers.

In order to appear on the same stage with world-class artists is unnecessary acting experience or special preparation. It is necessary to minimal physical condition allows several hours' physical activity on stage, willingness and availability in the period 18-21 of June.

Become part of a unique crowd!

Submissions should be sent to: contact@malta-festival.pl