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08 - 28/06/2015

Photo: M. Zakrzewski
GalleryPhoto: M. Zakrzewski

‘It is a great adventure, but at the same time a chance to look at your own life – what is important in it.’ This is how Roman, a participant of the project, summarized his experience with The Inventory of Powerlessness. Today at 20h00 in Stara Rzeźnia we will get to see the Polish premiere of the play by Edit Kaldor.

Work on The Inventory of Powerlessness has begun in Poznań already in March. A group of almost thirty participants created a play which comprises of a collection of unique stories whose common denominator is powerlessness. ‘I see sense in what we do in the play, because we reveal our emotions with which every member of the audience can identify’, declares Magda, another participant. 

The author of the play, Edit Kaldor, talked about powerlessness to Aneta Kyzioł from “Polityka” magazine: ‘It was four years ago, it started with the death of someone very close to me. I created a performance piece about death, about what it is like to die. Then I began thinking about powerlessness. I discovered that the moments when we feel most powerless – when we admit to ignorance, loss of control, impossibility of choice – are also the moments in which we are ourselves the most, and it is when we find out most about ourselves. 

The play will be performed for the second time tomorrow at 20h30. It is a coproduction of Malta Festival Poznań as a part of the House on Fire European network.