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08 - 28/06/2015


We are very happy to announce the success of Willow from the Łazarz Garden, because it got to the finals of TREE OF THE YEAR organized by Klub Gaja ! The competition aims to promote an attitude of respect for nature and find examples of interesting and lasting links between the culture and history of the local community, and the tree that it is exceptional. In the competition were participated 115 entries from across the Polish, the jury took into account the history and description of the trees, which chose the final sixteen - eight oak, fir, pine, plane tree, willow, two ash, hornbeam and apple.

Willow is 40 years old and 11 meters high. Willow, around which the residents of the neighborhood gather during meetings in social Garden, has been submitted to the competition by the Association for the Promotion of Heritage "Kasztelania Ostrowska" in partnership with the local department Club "Krąg" and Generator Malta.

Fingers crossed for all of the final tree, the final results of Internet voting in June!

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