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08 - 28/06/2015

Lotte van den Berg / photo M. Zakrzewski
GalleryLotte van den Berg / photo M. Zakrzewski

On Sunday the 28th of June ended the 25th Malta Festival Poznań with the Idiom New World Order. Now comes the time to share with you our plans for the future. We are proud to announce the themes and curators of the next three Malta Idioms.

The 2016 edition will be constructed around the relationship between spectator and actor. The curator, Lotte van den Berg, is a Dutch artist who combines together theatre, performance and visual arts. Her performances, which usually elude any strict classification, often involve unprofessional actors – young people, local inhabitants and bystanders. She searches for new ways for defining the actor and spectator both within closed, traditional performance settings as in public.

In 2017 Oliver Frljić and Goran Injac will take us on a tour around the contemporary and critical art of the Balkans. This idiom will not only be a chance to see artist usually performing in former Yugoslavia, it will also be an opportunity to confront our own ideas and beliefs about that region. Oliver Frljić is a Croatian director, whose main focuses are the forsaken areas of the Balkan history. He is very bold in reinterpreting classical theatre by uncovering uncomfortable truths and redefining theatre as a place of dialogue and confrontation. Goran Injac was born in Novi Sad and is an arts curator, lecturer and researcher. At the moment he works as the vice art director for the Slovensko mladinsko Theatre in Lubljana.

In 2018 we will contemplate the meaning of faith in the more and more ethnically diverse Europe. The curator of this edition will be Jan Lauwers – a Belgian director, author, visual arts performer and the founder of the well-known collective Needcompany. The performances of the Needcompany collective mainly focus on the complexity of our times where the multicultural development of Europe goes hand in hand with violence, fear and inequality. From the beginning the group has been working in a unique configuration where nationalities, languages and professions all mix together. Jan Lauwers had performed during the Malta Festival twice already – in 2010 with the three performances of the trilogy Sad Face / Happy Face and in 2013 with Marketplace 76.