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08 - 28/06/2015


The 15th extraordinary congress shall commence today at 17h00. Valtka Horvat’s performance piece is a four hour long meeting with four emigrants from Former Yugoslavia. The Polish rendition of the project will be conducted by Wanda Wasilewska – a journalist from Radio Merkury. The issues touched upon during the 15th Extraordinary Congress include “Tito”, “Ex-Yu nostalgy” and “lost lives”.

We will get to see Vlatka Horvat herself on Saturday performing her piece entitled This Here and That There, which will last from 10h00 to 18h00. The reservoir in Cytadela’s rose garden will serve as a backdrop. The artist will be executing repetitive actions with the use of several dozens of chairs.

Tickets for the 15th Extraordinary Congress are still available for 15 PLN on www.malta-festival.pl and eBilet.pl stationary points of sale (e.g. CIM and Empik) as well as in Teatr Ósmego Dnia on the day of the performance. Admission to This Here and That There is free of charge.