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08 - 28/06/2015

A neighbourhood square in between blocks of flats whose centre is a weeping willow – a candidate to the title Tree of the Year 2015. In the forest-like part of the garden wild plants are growing – it is Poland’s first project familiarising the inhabitants with the lost nature in the city centre. The sunny part of the garden is used for beds and patches with decorative and crop plants. The composition of the species depends on the inhabitant’s imagination – they bring their seedlings and seeds. The garden is the location of weekly neighbourhood meetings, creative activities for the district’s youngest inhabitants as well as garden workshops, picnics, concerts and film evenings.

Co-organisers: inhabitants, Klub Osiedlowy “Krąg” [“Krąg” Community Club], Stowarzyszenie Kasztelania Ostrowska [Kasztelnia Ostrowska Association], Galeria Łęctwo [Łęctwo Gallery], Szczep Łazarz, Generator Malta