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08 - 28/06/2015

Czytogruszka Workshop / photo: Maciej Zakrzewski
GalleryCzytogruszka Workshop / photo: Maciej Zakrzewski

Performance about elephant Elmer's adventures has begun our Sunday events. There were also other activities for children. On The Liberty Square the youngests fixed their old toys and they participated workshops conducted by Czytogruszka. In the afternoon there was a Lukstraudiacja concert on The Liberty Square. Members of Rimini Protokoll for the last time met us in one of Poznań's apartments. Force Entertainment another time showed "Tomorrow's parties". After the performance Tim Etchells and his actors told about Force Entertainmen's actions and about this year's idiom. The day has ended by Tadeusz Kantor's performance's projection. We saw "Nigdy tu już nie powrócę" and "Powrót Odysa".