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08 - 28/06/2015

Forum / photo: Bartosz Dziamski
GalleryForum / photo: Bartosz Dziamski

The day was full of sensations, but we began it very calmly. Tai chi quieted down our breathes and minds. After that we moved into our social gardens. In Kiosk at Jeżyce we devoted ourselves to sweet nothing doing, in Wilda we planted some vegetables and flowers. In Łazarz children spent time playing and experiencing their own district. Along with Romeo Castellucci we fathomed relationship between evil and art, on the basis of "Doctor Faustus". Vlatka Horvat showed us a performance based on real stories of women – emigrants from the former Yugoslavia. Within the confines of Literature Week, we discussed about the future of the world on the next 35 years. "Inventory of powerlessness" made us aware of that the powerlessness concerned all of us. We also had an unusual bus trip, from The Liberty Square to depot and back. After return we had fun at The Sweet Serenades's concert.