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08 - 28/06/2015

Let's get physical! / photo: Maciej Zakrzewski
GalleryLet's get physical! / photo: Maciej Zakrzewski

Sunday we started, as usual, in sporty way! Two girls from Germany, Poly and Ester, prepared for us special training in Jane Fonda style. Leotards, spandex and leggins – these are their identification sign. After exercises there was a time for something more intellectual. On The Liberty Square the booklovers red Gombrowicz's "Trans-Atlantyk". It took few hours but we did it! There was something also for childen – repairing old toys, songs and workshops. Evening was very musical. Dominika Groberska sang for us in Jeżyce and The Pineal entertained us at The Liberty Square. We ended the day with Tadeusz Kantor. Projection of documentary about that great director attracted many of theatre-goers.