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08 - 28/06/2015

Masterclass with Tim Etchells / photo: Maciej Zakrzewski
GalleryMasterclass with Tim Etchells / photo: Maciej Zakrzewski

Tuesday was the second day of masterclasses with Tim Etchells. It was also another day of our Literary Week. This time Ziemowit Szczerek was our guest, and the meeting concerned the future of Poland on the next 35 years. Theatre-goers surely were satisfied. Deborah Pearson, for the next time, spinned visions about the future, Studio Teatralne Porywaczy Ciał showed "Pierworodni", and artists of Mundo Perfeito raised questions about meaning of media in forming modern world's vision. In Teatr Nowy we followed lots of children, who needed to change their identities to survive the war, and on The Liberty Square Teatr na poziomie showed monodrama, that was talking about Silesia's question. For the end of the day Cakes Da Killa, an american rapper gave an amazing concert, that warmed us up.