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08 - 28/06/2015

Hula Hoop / photo: Bartosz Dziamski
GalleryHula Hoop / photo: Bartosz Dziamski

Saturday began exeptionally actively. In the morning - spinning our hips by hula hoop and a little bit later – activities organized by Wielkopolski Klub Taternictwa Jaskiniowego. In Wilda, with architect's help, we designed our dream balcony. On The Liberty Square Bogusław Biegowski was taking photos by traditional three-minute method. Dutch artist of IOOTCP were describing polish culture in foreigner's perspective, and Monika Drożyńska invited us on "Tea and cake". In the afternoon we danced to the swing melodies and, with Force Entertainment's artists, we fantasized about future of the world. In the evening Schwalbe has found crowds and we listened closely to Gazelle Twin's electronic sound.