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08 - 28/06/2015

1. Accreditation will be granted only to journalists delegated by a functioning media outlet.
2. In order to apply for accreditation, the journalist has to fill in the accreditation form and choose from the programme the events he or she wishes to attend. If a given event takes place more than once, only one date must be selected. Only applications with all the requested information and a list of chosen event(s) will be considered.
3. The deadline for submitting the applications is Friday, the 29th of May 2015 r.
4. Submitting an application is not equivalent to being granted an accreditation. Accreditations are granted at the organiser’s discretion.
5. Accreditations for journalist are free of charge and individual. Accredited journalists will receive a badge entitling them to press packs, press office’s assistance throughout the festival, as well as press passes to chosen events. Since the number of press passes for each event is limited, selecting a given event from the programme does not guarantee a press pass for that event.
6. Accreditations for photojournalists/cameramen are free of charge and individual. The accredited photojournalists/cameramen will receive a badge entitling them to photograph/film open air events, as well as to get organisational assistance and information from the press office throughout the festival. Photographing/filming performances, which take place in enclosed spaces, as well as Michael Nyman Band requires individual permits. Selecting a given event does not guarantee the permission to photograph/film it.

7. Answers to the application forms will be sent by the press office via e-mail to the address given in the application form on Thursday, the 4th of June 2015.
8. The number of accreditations is limited.
9. The press officer of the festival reserves the right to contact the editor-in-chief to confirm the appointment of the applicant to cover Malta Festival Poznań.
Journalists - admission to paying events is possible only with a press pass. An accreditation badge or a press ID do not entitle to admission to those events.
Photographers/Cameramen - admission to rehearsals/performances or the photographers’ zone at the concerts is only possible on inscription onto the list of approved photographers/cameramen. The accreditation badge or a press ID do not entitle to.
10. By submitting this application you accept the above Terms and Conditions.