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08 - 28/06/2015

screenshot from movie
Galleryscreenshot from movie
  • The film by Aneta Kopacz, Oscar nominee, presents the 25 years of Malta festival in the context of the 25 years of Polish democracy. At the beginning of the 1990s, people went to the streets, reacted spontaneously to art which they experienced almost everywhere. Time goes by, the world accelerates and the Festival changes too. The film not only reminds the history of Malta, but also portrays social, cultural and moral changes which took place in Poland. The director asks what freedom – the driving force of art and transformations – means today.

  • Aneta Kopacz

    She is a director, screenwriter and editor hailing from Poland. She graduated from Psychology Department of Warsaw University and Post-Graduate Reportage Studies in The Institute of Journalism. She is also a graduate of Documentary Program DOK PRO in Wajda’s School. She acquired professional experience in Poland and abroad. She has made a number of independent documentaries, including SPACER (A STROLL) for which she has been repeatedly awarded, as well as nominated for The Juliusz Machulski Polish Independent Cinema Award in The Best Documentary category. Her latest film JOANNA won a special prize of The Magic Hour competition at the 10th Planete + Doc Film Festival, Silver Eye Award and The Youth Jury of the Filmschule Leipzig at DOK LEIPZIG, GrandOFF Film Festival, LA Movie Award for The Best Documentary and Award for The Best Documentary at International Film Festival Prowincjonalia. 

  • direction: Aneta Kopacz
    main production: TVP2
    production: TVP Poznań