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08 - 28/06/2015

photo: Joanna Milcarz
Galleryphoto: Joanna Milcarz
  • Madness in retro style available for everyone, let’s dance swing! We invite you to the free workshop on behalf of Swing Craze. The charm of the dance, called by professionals Lindy Hop, consists in dynamic figures and possibility of performing them by everyone – not depending on their age or physical condition. We are lucky that we found people who are into promoting swing in Poznań in a really fast pace. Personally, we already love them!
    ATTENTION! We want you to feel the atmosphere of the past years so flared skirts and bow ties are welcomed. We dance in pairs so don’t forget to bring friends, significant others or parents. If you don’t know with whom you might come, come dance with us – the team of Generator Malta.
    PS. The majority of our female team members don’t have any (dance) partner and recently fell in love with swing. Help us improve our skills and join us!

    SWING CRAZE are a group of enthusiasts and advocates of Lindy Hop dance and the retro style dating back to the 1930s. Members of the group joint by a passion organize dance parties and workshops which attract everyone regardless of their age. The music of ZIGZAG, Poland’s first band performing Parisian swing jazz from the 1930s, will add splendour to the final dance party.

    Band members: Alex Wirtz (singing, guitar, duduk), Panos Anasontzis (guitar, drums), Marcin Tuliszkiewicz (guitar), Zbygniew Francuzik (double bass)

  • www.swingcraze.pl