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08 - 28/06/2015

photo Maciej Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto Maciej Zakrzewski
  • The show If a window would open asks about the role of media in shaping our vision of the world. The director edits fragments of TV news and puts his own sound and dialogue track to them. The dialogue introduces distance. Seemingly objective news seems to be an artificially created stream of persuasion, a “suggestion of reality” which is, paradoxically, out of touch with reality. In this dynamic, humorous, pervasive and critical show a new world order is being created in an ongoing manner, as the announcements and news appear.

  • Tiago Rodrigues

    Tiago Rodrigues is one of the most significant creators of young Portuguese theatre. He is a playwright, actor and director, and since last year has been the director of the National Theatre in Lisbon. When he was 21 years old he quit theatre school and started cooperation with the Belgian group Tg Stan which has continued uninterruptedly since 1998. In 2003, together with Madga Bizzaro, he founded Mundo Perfeito. At present, it is one of the most active theatre organisations in Portuguese theatre, not only producing its own shows, but also promoting Portuguese drama and collaborating with foreign artists. Tiago Rodrigues is involved in social and art projects as well as educational activities, he taught for instance at Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s school P.A.R.T.S.

    Mundo Perfeito

    Mundo Perfeito has been fighting the forces of evil since 2003, the year when it was born in a kitchen of a two bedroom suburban apartment in Amadora. The company’s name translates the irony of a critic way of regarding the present and the idealism of an optimistic behaviour towards the future. It is also a name that makes people smile, for whatever reason. Organized around the artistic work of Tiago Rodrigues, who shares the direction with Magda Bizarro, Mundo Perfeito is recognized for the quality of  its work and also by the continuous attempt at innovation and reinventing itself. Besides producing Tiago Rodrigues' work, this small company is also known for its work with new authors, as well for the spirit of collaboration with portuguese and international artists. In the field of dramaturgy, Mundo Perfeito organized the project Urgências, that resulted in three shows and presented more than twenty new texts of portuguese authors. Recently, in HotelLutécia, Tiago Rodrigues staged texts by some of Portugal's foremost authors alongside with new texts by such international artists as Tim Etchells or Nature Theatre of Oklahoma. At the level of collaboration with international artists, stand out the performances Berenice, in co-production with the Belgian company tg STAN, Yesterday’s Man, by the Lebanese artists Rabih Mroué and Tony Chakar with Tiago Rodrigues and the project “Estúdios” that since 2008 gave origin to several new performances and has promoted the collaboration of Portuguese artists with those of Belgium, The Netherlands, USA, Congo, France, Croatia, Brazil or Norway. With more than thirty productions, Mundo Perfeito has presented its work in theatres and festivals in countries such as Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Lebanon, Brazil, Turkey, Romania, Ireland, Singapore and Germany. Mundo Perfeito has also been the cradle for upcoming artists in the last few years and will continue to produce emergent performance makers. Among other recent works, the performances IF A WINDOW WOULD OPEN (nominated for the Best Theatre Performance, 2010 by the Portuguese Author's Society - SPA), SADNESS AND JOY IN THE LIFE OF GIRAFFES and THREE FINGERS BELOW THE KNEE (awarded with the prize for Best Theatre Performance, 2012 by SPA and with a Golden Globe for Best Theatre Performance 2012 by the portuguese TV Channel SIC) and BOVARY stand out for its originality and for a permanent search of new ways to fight the forces of evil. 

  • Text and direction: Tiago Rodrigues
    With: Bernardo de Almeida, Cláudia Gaiolas, Paula Diogo, Tiago Rodrigues and Alexandre Talhinhas
    Original cast: Cláudia Gaiolas, Paula Diogo, Tiago Rodrigues, Tónan Quito and Alexandre Talhinhas
    Special collaboration: João Adelino Faria
    Video: Bruno Canas and Tiago Rodrigues
    Sound and music: Alexandre Talhinhas
    Set, Costumes and lights: Magda Bizarro and Tiago Rodrigues
    Direction of production and stage photography: Magda Bizarro
    Executive production: Rita Mendes
    Technical support: Carin Geada
    A production of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II after an original creation by the company Mundo Perfeito 
    A performance created with the financial support by Governo de Portugal | DGArtes
    With the support: Direcção de Informação da RTP
    Co-production: alkantara festival and Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

    PREMIERE 2nd June 2010 - Sala Estúdio do Teatro Nacional D.Maria II in the frame of Alkantara Festival