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08 - 28/06/2015

photo: press releases
Galleryphoto: press releases
  • For a long time now, the tragic tale of the Jewish prisoners forced to dig the Lake Rusałka during the Nazi occupation remained untold. It’s time to fix that. On the beach, next to the blue bridge, a farewell ritual will be performed. The energy and imagery created by the music will bring what was once doomed to oblivion back to life. The music created by Targanescu, along with the eyewitnesses’ commentary, will create a unique epitaph, written with sounds on the surface of the lake.

  • Director: Przemysław Prasnowski
    Writer: Przemysław Prasnowski, Targanescu
    Cast: Targanescu w składzie, Katarzyna Klebba, Arnold Dąbrowski, Paweł Paluch oraz Marcin Głowiński i Marcin Mikołajczak
    Czas trwania: 60 min.
    *Spektakl jest częścią projektu Rusałka Niepamięci
    *W spektaklu wykorzystano fragmenty książki „Z lat okupacji. Wspomnienia Wielkopolan o życiu codziennym 1939-1945”, Poznań 1983.