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08 - 28/06/2015

Chichiri Secondary School
GalleryChichiri Secondary School
  • MAN NEXT TO ME / Chichiri Secondary School

    The performance speaks about the death of an African man, an albino, whose bones can bring wealth if subjected to an appropriate ritual. It is a common belief in Africa, including Malawi. The story is a point of departure for reflection on otherness – another gender, skin colour and religion. Differences give rise to aggression between people, because everybody believes their cause to be better, more worthy, right. The performance starts with a traditional dance which shows that art can bring people together, irrespective of the differences between them.

    STEP BY STEP / Gimnazjum nr 9

    Our life is the energy we use to react to any obstacles that come our way. Whatever age we are at, whether as children, teenagers or adults, we always have to defy chaos. Every time, just as we think we have reached some kind of balance in our lives,  we realize that all our ideas are out of date. A new part starts in our lives, one with a completely new rhythm – as chaotic and restless as any new beginning must be. Slowly, just as before, we master and mold it to our liking. The K.A.A.J.J. Group would like to invite you to a musical interpretation of the rhythm of life. 

    THE RHYTHM OF OUR WORLD / Escola Sagrada Família

    A story of the future, in which children, as the most intelligent beings, secretly take control of the world. They are young, energetic and, for this reason, able to fix the crises caused by the adults. Children from China, Germany, America, from all over the world start to get in touch with one another. Adults are not yet aware of it. Will children fix the world?