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08 - 28/06/2015

Gimnazjum im. Feliksa Szołdrskiego w Nowym Tomyślu
GalleryGimnazjum im. Feliksa Szołdrskiego w Nowym Tomyślu
  • TAKE A LOOK / Gimnazjum im. Feliksa Szołdrskiego, Nowy Tomyśl 

    Take a look. If you hadn’t done it yesterday, do it today. It is never too late. Look a person deep into their eyes and you will touch their soul. During the last year’s edition of Young Malta, the group 8 Minutes showed a multimedia show entitled In colour.

    FAIR ENOUGH / Saint Roch’s Secondary School

    This brief show tells the story of a teenager from the town High Rise. Her stepfather, who abuses alcohol, uses violence towards her and her mother. A family raw ends up in a police intervention. How will the teenager solve family problems?

    KPOP / British International School of Wrocław 

    By means of K-pop, a Korean form of pop music, five dancers tell the story of a girl. Elements of traditional Korean dance fuse with the dance typical of Western music videos, the Western idea of love with traditional expectations expressed in the lyrics. The choreography, composed of a series of solo performances, is exceptionally mathematical, but the movements of the dancers’ bodies express emotions and lyrics.