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08 - 28/06/2015

Gimnazjum i Liceum Akademickie Da Vinci
GalleryGimnazjum i Liceum Akademickie Da Vinci
  • FIVE MINUTES / Middle School and High School Academic Da Vinci

    Who is closer to you? Izydor who desires fame, popularity and takes part in talk-shows? Or maybe shy Iwona who attracts no attention at all? The performance shows how the media affect people, how important popularity and being trendy is for them, how many of us wish for their five minutes of fame – that’s how this game is called. Feel welcome to join the game!

    NEVER GIVE UP / YOUTH NGO Theatre 23 

    Never give up …
    - if you are sure you are acting right, even if it is against the common opinion;
    - regardless fake comments on your choice;
    - even if you seem to be different!!!
    Vincent Willem van Gogh would never open his individual style, if he had followed the crowd’s opinion.
    Follow the voice of your heart, as it will show you the right path.
    Our performance shows that we all have the same nature.
    Sometimes you change because of some life conditions, but your nature remains the same.
    The question is: What should happen to open yourself, to show your real nature?

    TRICYCLE BICYCLE / III High School od St. Jan Kanty, Poznań 

    The performance made by the group LekkoBezmyślni tells the story of four big children, eccentric homeless, rejected by the system who do not fit into the surrounding reality. Climando, the main hero, knows that a bike is his only chance for survival. But how to keep the rented vehicle? The figures are driven by a peculiar logic and the audience have to listen to their surprising arguments. The theatre of the absurd is transformed into the theatre of panic.