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08 - 28/06/2015

press release
Gallerypress release
  • Pangraj is an acoustic project from Poznań. The young artists are inspired by folk, Balkan and Roma music as well as jazz, blues, reggae and film scores. Their lyrics, with a tinge of humour and irony, touch upon freedom-related and social subjects.

    Time to hit the dancefloor! After two Saturday workshops, we can finally give the show. Everyone who likes to sway and stamp their feet in jazz rhythm is welcomed. If you didn’t have a chance to come over for our previous classes, it’s not a problem. And if someone doesn’t like to dance, we offer “music to their ears”. The final retro dancing will be honored by the songs of ZIGZAG PARADISE (former Manouches De Poznan) which recently started to play 30s acoustic jazz.

    Inspirations: Django Reinhardt, Oscar Aleman, bracia Ferret and of course Motorhead.
    Last day of the Festival/ final retro dancing/ the last Sunday.