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08 - 28/06/2015

press release
Gallerypress release
  • In The Future Show Deborah Pearson gives account of what will happen from the moment when the show ends and the spectators leave the room until the moment of death. The show attempts to describe future life. It is never the same. There are many versions of the future and for this reason the artist keeps changing the script. The show tells an ordinary story about the work which we do every day, but rarely in a conscious, open or overt manner. Future consists of dreams and plans which, on the one hand, motivate us to act, but on the other can be the source of disappointment and fear. They quickly lose relevance and disappear in the past.

    The Future Show was developed with a grant from Arts Council England, and support from BAC, Amhurst Republic and MAKE in Ireland.


    A testament to Pearson's astonishing skills as a writer.
    Andrew Haydon for Whatsonstage

  • Deborah Pearson

    Deborah Pearson is a writer, performer and producer. In her work she looks for new ways of telling stories and building relationships with spectators. This is also the subject of her Ph.D. dissertation based on artistic practice which she prepares at Royal Holloway at the University of London. As a dramaturge, she cooperated with the groups Paper Cinema and Action Hero. In 2007 she founded her own group Forest Fringe. She is the winner of the Herald Angel award for her solo show Like You Were Before at Edinburgh festival in 2010.

  • Concept: Deborah Pearson