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08 - 28/06/2015

photo: press releases
Galleryphoto: press releases
  • Trilogy: On Three Posters / The Inhabitants of Images / Pixelated Revolution is combination of a show, performance and a visual event. Mroué is primarily interested in the relationship between the images of collective experiences, the way of presenting the conflict and their social and symbolic impact. In his project the author uses the form of a performance lecture, film, photographic montage, combining documentary – video reports from the revolution in Syria – with fiction. The third part of the project, the installation The Pixelated Revolution, became one of the most frequently discussed works at Documenta in Kassel in 2013.

    The Pixelated Revolution is about a number of things: firstly, it is about actuality and what is happening now and, secondly, that which is still ongoing in the Syrian revolution.
    Rabih Mroué 

  • Rabih Mroué

    Rabih Mroué was born in Beirut. He is an actor, director and playwright, one of the founders of Beirut Art Center (BAC). He uses in his works video recordings, excerpts from texts, photography and sculpture. He creates documentary theatre speaking of political and social subjects which are often disregarded in his homeland. He looks at them from the perspective of personal stories and struggles of his heroes. His provocative, political performances often use recordings from streets, from the very centre of war campaigns and show the work of art in the process of creation rather than as a finished whole. Rabih Mroué presents his works at the most significant theatre festivals (e.g. in Avignon, at Kunsten Festival des Arts or Wiener Festwochen) and visual arts festivals (Documenta in Kassel or Biennale in Venice). In 2012, he showed in Poznań his well-known show 33 rounds and few seconds as part of the Idiom Akcje Azjatykie / Asian Investments.