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08 - 28/06/2015

photo: Mirka Maruszak
Galleryphoto: Mirka Maruszak
    Thousand Colours

    25 minutes

    The show touches upon the essence of transiency which we do not notice in our daily lives. Yet, the reality changes all the time. Everyone has their colour. The colours undergo joyful or sad transformations along with our lives. Takako Matsuda graduated from the Department of Dance Education (course of study: ballet, contemporary dance), butoh and acting at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York (2001). “New York Times” called her “the dancer of the magic silence”.

    Hello, My Friend!

    26 minutes

    The choreography takes up the subject of masculinity and the related stereotypes and misrepresentations. It focuses on analysing the rules of behaviour and interrelations governing male groups. As Sławomir Mrożek wrote: “I don’t like masculinity... The term ‘effeminate’ is in fact flattering. It means that the individual washes himself often, doesn’t like killing people, is capable of compassion, doesn’t like shouting and pushing around to prove his importance”.

    One ticket for two shows. Also available at: bilety.ptt-poznan.pl and at impresario office - Polish Dance Theatre (ul. Kozia 4).

  • Takako Matsuda

    Dancer, teacher, director. Born in Tokio, works for Contemporary Dance. With Polish Dance Theatre she works since 2009. 


    Paweł Malicki

    Dacer, techer, choreographer. Works for Polish Dance Theatre. Director of many theatrical pieces.

  • Thousand colours

    Movement: Takako Matsuda

    Music: Fryderyk Chopin (Mazurek a-moll op. 7 nr 2, Mazurek C-dur op. 33 nr 3, Mazurek C-dur op. 24 nr 2, Walc E Flat op. 18 nr 1, Preludium cis-moll op. 28 nr 10, Preludium e-moll op. 28 nr 4, Preludium c-moll op. 28 nr 20) 

    Hello, my Friend!

    Movement: Paweł Malicki

    Music: Asaf Avidan, Bloodstone, Las Hermanas Goggi, Boris Kovac & Ladaaba Orchestra, Elvis Presley, La Lupe, Nada Malanima, The Black Keys, Alva Noto