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08 - 28/06/2015

photo Hugo Glendinning
Galleryphoto Hugo Glendinning
  • To Begin / To Go On / To The End is a master class workshop project looking at dramaturgical structure, and the economy of set-ups, developments and conclusions. Working through a series of short practical tasks the group will use composition, writing and improvisation to address the ideas in question, critiquing and developing ideas together across the two days. As well as developing practical skills and sensitivities the workshop attempts to share a conceptual framework and vocabulary useful in constructing and unpacking contemporary performance. The workshop will draw on Etchells' work, understanding and questions about theatre and performance, themselves fostered over the 30 plus years of his professional practice in theatre itself and in other art forms, from music and sound composition to writing and visual art.

    The workshop is aimed at young/developing/emerging performance makers. Participants should have interest in and experience of making, performing in and/or writing for contemporary performance. The workshop will involve practical activity (improvisation, working to make short performances etc) as well as sharing ideas through discussion.

    Number of participants: 15
    Language: English
    The workshop will be held on 22 and 23 June, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Venue: Teatr Ósmego Dnia, ul. Ratajczaka 44, 61-728 Poznań
    Participants will be required to organise and pay for their own travel, accommodation and food.
    Fee: 150 PLN

    Please send your application to masterclass@malta-festival.pl by 27 May.
    Your application must be submitted in English, and include a brief biographic note (no more than 450 characters) outlining your profile and stating your date of birth. You should also attach a short text explaining why you want to take part in the workshop.

  • Tim Etchells

    He is a British artist and writer based in Sheffield and London. Etchells is the artistic director of Forced Entertainment, a world-renowned experimental performance company founded in 1984. He has published several works of fiction, written extensively about contemporary performance and exhibited his visual art projects in various locations. Etchells is Professor of Performance at Lancaster University.

    Etchells regularly collaborates with many artists, including photographer Hugo Glendinning, with whom he has worked on several projects, such as the 1999 exhibition Void Spaces and the ongoing series Empty Stages,which has been exhibited widely, including as part of Etchells' solo show at Jakopic Gallery in Ljubljana in 2013.

    Other collaborations include writing essays for performance artist Franko B's Still Lives publication, for the visual art duo Elmgreen and Dragset's project Drama Queens and working with the pair on their later project Happy Days in the Art World. The Art in America article on Happy Days in the Art World says, "Etchells is an experimental British playwright of some fame whose work is Beckettian, not Beckett-esque. His work is mocking and meandering but can really get under the skin, and prick at latent feelings of abjection, loneliness, the inability to communicate, futility".

    Etchells collaborated with interactive performance maker Ant Hampton on two projects Lest We See (2013) and The Quiet Volume (2010) which has been produced in English, German, Spanish, Slovenian, Japanese, Polish, Dutch and Portuguese. The Quiet Volume won a 2013 Bessie Dance and Performance Award for Outstanding Sound Design following presentations by Performance Space 122 and PEN World Voices Festival. The citation for the award ran as follows: "For their use of intimately whispered text in a work in libraries across the city and for a score which heightened the experience in a space at once public and private".