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08 - 28/06/2015

screenshot from STAR WARS
Galleryscreenshot from STAR WARS

Fandom "Star Trek," "Star Wars" and expanded universe, The Jetsons and The Flintstones living in the same world, "Avatar" as "Pocahontas" Life in Space ... not enough to describe them all.

Have you ever heard Figwicie? It has only 887 fans on Facebook, so it is possible that they do not. Such is life really inconspicuous elf. Although it appears in a key scene of "The Fellowship of the Ring" Peter Jackson is literally three seconds. But that's enough. He says nothing, just sits behind Elrond himself during a meeting over the fate of the Ring and the team. Attentive fans comedy series "Flight of the Conchords" perhaps, even elven entourage, recognize in him Bret McKenzie, New Zealand musician, actor and comedian. Here is just a nameless extra. Nameless, because Figwit it's not his name, but acronym based upon the sentence "Frodo is great ... Who is THAT?" (Frodo is divine ... while, and then who?), Which at forums, fansites became the subject of serious debate. We analyzed these few shots and raised the question of who is this mysterious elf, what is the story behind it, or - what is its role in the stories. Who is Figwit? Do you return? Do something to say, and they will Superważne Word? Casual elf had a group of fans (before the age of Facebook), your own website figwitlives.com (Figwit deceased), where it was determined "Legolas minded women." He returned with a "Return of the King", again for a few precious seconds. And he disappeared, but the fascination remains as infinite surprise McKenzie. Still made without guesswork, built alternative visions of Tolkien inspired world where it Figwit is a key figure. It was created for the feature-length documentary (of course with the title "Frodo is great ... Who is THAT?"), So the matter had become serious. When Peter Jackson announced the "Hobbit" with bated breath the expected development of these accidents.