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08 - 28/06/2015

Jane Jacobs
GalleryJane Jacobs

March 21st, noon, Park Krakowski in the city center. In the foreground colorful banners, indicating that the trees of the park must be in place. They have to, but that day it was not at all obvious in connection with the project to build four-storey underground car park at the site of the park. Parking in one of the most critical points of Krakow would solve the basic problems of this city moving car after him. However, large parking lots in the city center already are, and - as claimed by opponents of the latest proposals for investment - are empty, creating a concrete desert; deserted island, which on hot days heat waves are flooding the environment. Park Krakowski would become another such concrete desert, "turning the streets into shapeless pool"; another "empty expanse" in the city center.